Our expert staff is dedicated to ensuring that your firestop systems are properly installed and effective at containing and preventing the spread of fire. Union Insulators know the importance of properly installed firestopping materials through standardized design, installation, inspection and maintenance. STI is an industry leader in developing innovative firestop solutions for various applications and environments. STI firestop products, which are designed to. Our company provides a full range of firestopping applications including the installation of through penetration protection, head of wall and curtain wall. Firestopping, Joint Systems and DampersFirestopping, Joint Systems and Dampers aims to provide designers, contractors, code officials, plans examiners and.

Most Firestop Caulks and Sealants are "Intumescent" which means that they will expand and harden when the fire-rated caulking hits an elevated temperature. Think of it like this, firestop materials are stopping the spread of fire and smoke by sealing gaps and holes in fire-rated walls, floors and ceilings. Fire stopping helps buildings maintain their structural integrity and slow the spread of fire within a building. Learn more best practice for fire stopping. For insulation products that are not listed in any UL firestopping systems, it is recommended that a short length of elastomeric or fiberglass insulation be. Explore our pre-formed firestop sleeves and cast-in devices, designed for easier installations and inspections when firestopping cable and pipe. Performance Contracting stands out in the industry as a preferred choice for firestopping services due to our proven track record, expertise, and commitment to. ODF is the premier firestopping contractor in the commercial and industrial marketplace, specializing in through penetration firestopping, fire resistive joints. Description. Firestop+ Elastomeric Intumescent Firestop Sealant offers comprehensive UL Testing for a wide range of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and head-of-. Hilti has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and simple-to-use firestop systems. The firestop portfolio can significantly increase the. TruTeam's expert commercial contractors are ready to install penetration firestopping to protect a variety of commercial buildings. HoldRite HydroFlame UL-listed firestop systems protect against the spread of fire, smoke & gas and provide a water seal for unwanted water intrusion.

Firestopping · B-Line Black Cone Nozzle · Orange Cone Nozzle · B-Line Clear Standard Nozzle. · G 1/8″ Ribbon Bead Nozzle 2″ to 4″. A firestop or fire-stopping is a form of passive fire protection that is used to seal around openings and between joints in a fire-resistance-rated wall or. Each firestopping job should be identified at the design stage and therefore a unique reference number should be generated to identify the specific penetration. Firestopping of Service Penetrations – Best Practice in Design and Installation This best practice guide enables project teams to meet their obligations to. We specialize in the installation of firestop systems at penetrations, wall joints, and slab edge joints, as well as providing acoustical sealants, security. Exterior cornices and eaves, constructed of combustible materials or with combustible framing, shall be firestopped at the ends of fire divisions and party. Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing's firestop contractors are experienced and trained to provide a single-source approach to firestopping for your next project. Why FCIA? Because FCIA is the global leader in the advocacy for and development of the firestop industry. Since , we've been leading the charge to grow. Firestopping · Sealants. TREMstop sealants provide fire-rated acrylic and silicone seals that can be applied easily to provide a barrier to fire and smoke.

Firestopping · Single component smoke and fire stopping sealant for wall and floor penetrations · Absorbs heat and provides a barrier against fire and smoke. Over 30 years of experience in providing internationally approved and tested firestop systems, premium software and support to save lives and buildings from. The International Firestop Council (IFC) is a non-profit association of manufacturers, distributors, installers, inspectors, and other key stakeholders. Highlights: Unique Core Bore Firestop and Seal System is a revolutionary way to firestop, water and smoke seal abandoned (empty) core holes in concrete slabs or. Firestopping Systems · Fire-Rated Assembly & Smoke Rated Assembly Joints · Smoke Partition Joints & Penetrations · Through Penetrations · Sign up for our.

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